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Added: Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
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Category: Documentaries

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The coronation of King George Tupou V of Tonga. I had previously done a video of the funeral of Tupou IV. But that video was a odd mix of documentary, art video and music video. So with this video I just went for a pure 24 minute long “music video”. I have amazing footage (more than 50 hours) in case that I one day have the time and means to do a documentary. I have filmed scenes that I know no one else has (the international press left quickly). But for now it will just be this music video. Thanks to the Niukapu and Vea family. Thanks to Sybille Windt. To Deel. And to Jni Rothman for sound – mixing and putting beats to Herbert Windt music (Triumph des Willens soundtrack) and Jan Krogsgaard music (Superlight Melody). Thanks also to Jan Krogsgaard for music.

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