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  It's On You - American Samoa Official Music Video 2011
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Added: Friday, August 1st, 2014
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It's On You - American Samoa Official Music Video 2011

Available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon. by features TDUB, Ten Six, Tukaine, Sammy G & Dakei. Filmed in American Samoa & Fiji. Pls continue to support our local artists. Show your support,hit us up at and leave a shout out and hit the “like” button. PeaceLYRICS:ChorusTeine aulelei, shanty what you sayyou can take a ride at my side by the baylewa you know that it’s on youcan make it happen if you want totahine what you sayI’ll take your breath awaywe can feel the breeze hit the trees as they swayshanty you know that it’s on youcan make it happen if you want toVerse 1Aye she a pretty thangthe hottest in the worldI whispered in her earImma make you my girlshe said she wanna gI said I gots 2a gangsta and a gentleman up in the same dudeshe give me reason to love a polynesianbeautiful tan skinfrench tahitiannow we leaningcruising the highwaystraight to the beach on a hot summer dayI tell her sweet thangsI love to see her smileThat gorgeous eyes with ab b bomb backsidetold her I got yo backbecause it’s radadashe told me she got my backalways stick by my sidenow she my baby bay definitely dedicatedwe gon keep it together forever is what I’m contemplatingthe baddest couple nobody do it betterwe on top of the world when we togetherVerse 2It’s on you to do whateverbut you got to think cleverdon’t be messing with them cats who don’t be bringing in that cheddarunderstand I hold it down for youprovide and love you better andin this love thing best believe I’m a veteranmake you laugh and feel secure’s what I’m all so good atand you don’t have to ever wonderhey where that fool atI usually don’t show sensitivitybut long as you are feeling methen you should be here with me yeah soIt is our destinyI knew it when I saw you seeyou and I are meant to beI felt the connection when i looked into your eyesbaby all I ever think aboutis you’re the finest girl I’ve ever seenit is a given that you’re fine physicallybut what I admired most is you internallyperfect attitude with the right personalityyou never lock down your manyou let him do whatever andnever get jealous when he out on his galavantVerse 3Girl I’m your biggest fanI really gots to knowlewa just hold my handsa yawa ga na flowbeen walking by when I had seen you at the bus standthose pretty eyes and butterflies made me go Oh ManNow you’s a head turner I think I’ll contemplateare you a heartbreakeram I a bit too latebaby don’t turn around and leave me like a business lineif you don’t mind I’d like to know you for a lifetimeVerse 4When I saw you at the cinemastanding by the mini barnesian beauty man I wish I had a camerasaw you looking straight at meyour eyes were color ecstasylips were pure fantasyyou’s a shot of hennessywith a body of a goddessman you know I’m making enemiesI plucked up my courage as I walked up beside herasked her for her namethen pursued her phonenumberand as for meI’m just a soul brotha

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